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Same day

We will deliver according to your immediate needs! When your shipments need to be delivered quickly, you have 4 choices of services available .


Courrier SOS uses an automatic dispatch technology that maximises all the routes. You'll never have to talk to a voicemail or stay on hold. 


The system maximizes the delivery routes in order to offer an efficient service at lower cost.

At the beginning of 2020, we developed a technology which consists of estimating the arrival time on your deliveries, so that you have better monitoring of your shipments.

Am / Pm

The most affordable service.

Call received before 11:00 am , pick up and delivery before 17:00 the same day.

Call received between 11:00 am and 15:30 pm, delivery before 12:00 pm the next day.

Call received after 15:30 pm , delivery before 17:00 pm the next day.



The best ratio speed / price.

Pickup and delivery within a usual period of 3:00 in the Montreal metropolitan area.


Fast service !

Highly important items which have priority over Regular shipments and Am / Pm.

Pickup and delivery within a usual period of 2:00 in the Montreal metropolitan area .


The fastest service.

Shipments of primary importance which have priority over all other shipments.

The closest driver gathers and delivers as fast as possible.

Within a usual period of 1:00 in the Montreal metropolitan area.

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